On Dawn Chorus Day, Reveil will make its tenth annual day-long loop of earth, travelling west on live audio feeds sent in by streamers around sunrise. Reveil brings us together at a distance around its ephemeral streams from rural and urban places – birds, amphibians, weather and sounds we cannot identify. We have heard from some listening point for a decade. Others not yet. Each stream adds to the detail and diversity of the work. REVEIL 10 will be mixed by Fernando Godoy (Tsonami, Chile), Leah Barclay (Biosphere Soundscapes, Queensland) and members of the Soundcamp Cooperative. REVEIL is assembled at Stave Hill Ecological Park (TCV) in London from 05:00 UTC+1 on Saturday 6 to 06:00 on Sunday 7 May 2023. Streams are available on the Icecast server and public soundmap by Locus Sonus (ESAAIX). The main feed is hosted by Wave Farm WGXC in Acra NY and broadcast over 20+ FM and net radio stations around the world. Our broadcast partner in London is Resonance Extra. Reveil 10 is supported by the creative technical network of the Acoustic Commons including: Full Of Noises, Locus Sonus, CONA, HMU, Cyberforest. Soundcamp is a collaborative project organised by the Soundcamp cooperative.