Venus Volcanism

Venus Volcanism

Venus Volcanism aka Rena Rasouli is an icelandic based vocalist, musician and music producer born and raised on the island of Crete. She has studied modern singing and she has attented traditional and polyphonic singing seminars. She is collaborating with various artists and bands from the Greek music scene. She is part of the Danish/ Greek electronic duo “V.V.I.A.” along with In Atlas and member of “Lepidoptera” duo. Her music projects have touched upon different genres while she is maneuvring between dark-wave ,post punk, techno to traditional, polyphonic music and field recordings. At the moment she is preparing her new album taking inspiration from the icelandic nature and its sounds Her music has been released on Weaponise your sound/ Optimo, Women of V.V.I.A., Natty Wombat Records, Phormix, Meta Moto, Vinylograph, June Records, Echovolt.